What causes the stomach to be distended

Do you have a pot belly? Does your stomach start to grow slowly? How to deflate your bloated stomach? Why a fat belly? The questions always arise about belly fat. Here’s some information about something related to belly fat.

Various causes of belly fat

causes of belly fatWhoever you are men and women certainly do not want to have a distended abdomen. Ideal form of the stomach is the desire of every man and woman. Some women are very anxious if you have belly fat. In general, a distended abdomen due to the amount of fluid trapped between the cells of your body. The causes can be varied, such as: excess sodium (salt), poor nutrition, lack of nutrients, the body’s digestive system, as well as frequent menstruation (women).

The lack of motion your body (exercise) can also trigger increased volume of your stomach. But if you can keep a daily food and nutrient intake, then it certainly does not belong to your belly fat. So before growing volume of your stomach (belly), you should start now and keep your diet coupled with regular exercise. So you still have the ideal body shape. Your ideal body is largely determined by the shape of your stomach.

Tips to keep the stomach distended

  • Your daily food intake has an important role in your body’s health. Balanced nutrition and regular exercise is recommended to maintain your health and body shape. Be careful with the use of sodium content in each of your dishes. Adjust the use of sodium (salt) with your age.
  • The older, the better the less use of sodium (salt). Excess sodium in the body substances will complicate discharge body, so if you love foods with high sodium (salt flavor), then chances are you have more belly fat than those who do not like the taste of salt.
  • For adult women of course menstrual period, but if your menstrual continues, it can lead to increase the volume of your stomach. In general, periods of not more than two days. So if you have problems with the length of menstruation, it should be quickly checked by your family doctor.
  • Do not underestimate your body movements. Every movement of the body along with spending some body fluids, so if you are diligent exercise regularly, then spending also became a regular body fluids.
  • Several types of natural foods can help you maintain and reduce belly fat. Fruit lemon, celery, watermelon, and turmeric can help you achieve ideal to have stomach. Enter in your daily diet.


Belly fat not caused by the many you drink, but distended abdomen caused by fluid trapped in the body’s cells. Maintaining a balance of sodium and potassium are very important in controlling belly fat. Vigilant with food in cans, because you can not know the salt content in food. To reduce belly fat is with a lot of drinking and not vice versa.

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