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Every living thing (humans and animals) who breastfeed have two right and left breast. But in this article the author will discuss the breast in humans, especially women’s breasts.

function of the breast

Both men and women have breast from the same embryological tissue. However, after the adult (puberty), female hormones (estrogen), which promotes breast development does not occur in men.

The higher levels of testosterone, the greater the breast shape. This led to the development of the breasts of women different from men, other than that every woman did not have the same shape of the breast. In another reality actually breast shape is not symmetrical.

ideal breast size calculator

ideal breast size woman's dreamHas the function of breast feeding the baby after she gave birth. But in reality another form of women’s breasts into the appeal of men, increasing women’s confidence, the pride of women, so most women feel less confident if you have small breast forms because they do not have appeal.

Ideal breast has a balanced form between the base of the nipple to the breast. The ideal breast is the desire of women, according to some experts the ideal breast / perfect is if you divide the breast with a horizontal line through the nipple, the breast must have a proportion above is 45 percent, 55 percent lower. And the nipple position facing slightly upward. Breast shape ideal woman would be proud of him and always wanted to show off their breast shape. This will encourage every woman, especially a career woman and the celebrity to alter or add to the volume of their breasts.

Breast Augmentation to Breast Asymmetry

small breastsForm small breasts or less ideal in fact make women become embarrassed and had no confidence. They even appear in public embarrassment. For the career woman and the celebrity usually use the services of the surgeon to change the appearance of their breasts.

But actually not all women love big breast forms, even men do not really care about breast size. Even some women who have large breast size, hoping to have a small breast size. This is to minimize their pain. It is in fact large breasts can lead to back pain.

Many breast augmentation patients improve their breast asymmetry to improve both the differences in size, or shape. These differences may have existed all along, or changes may occur from time to time and leads to asymmetry.

Implant materials used will vary depending on how costly they provide. There is a solid silicone material and some salt implants. All implant materials have advantages and disadvantages of each.

While many think of their choices limited to silicone gel or saline implants, the reality is that your choice is vast. There are several different options for shape, size, style, materials used.

Breast Reconstruction Implants Procedure

Breast Reconstruction Implants Procedure is surgery to repair the shape of the breast using implants. In reconstruction with breast tissue is removed and some or all of the skin, and sometimes the nipple, is kept. An implant is put under the muscle to replace the lost breast tissue.

This type of reconstruction is used for women with early stage breast cancer. It is also used for women who have a high risk of developing breast cancer and want to have a breast removed to try and prevent cancer from developing (prophylactic or risk-reducing mastectomy).

Reconstruction under the muscle is mostly suitable for women with fairly small breasts. It is not suitable if you have had a radical mastectomy as the muscle will have been removed. It is also not used if you have had or are going to have radiotherapy to the breast as the skin will not stretch enough.

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