What Is Elective Surgery

What Is Elective Surgery

Although the name of “choice” may imply that this type of operation is optional, it does not always happen. Elective procedures only one that is planned in advance, rather than one that is performed in an emergency situation.

Various surgical procedures can be considered elective. Cosmetic surgery falls into this category, but so can things like ear tubes, tonsillectomy, and scoliosis surgery. Although this procedure can be performed “electively,” they can be significant and potentially life-saving operation.

Elective Surgery procedures

Elective Surgery procedures

Elective Surgery

If your child is scheduled for elective surgery, you should receive instructions from your doctor about how to prepare and what to expect. You might consider asking questions such as:

  • Are there certain foods or activities my child should avoid before surgery?
  • Does my child need to take special medication before surgery, and should he continue to take medication on a regular basis until the day of surgery?
  • What type of anesthesia my child receive?
  • Does he need to be on a breathing machine during surgery?
  • How does my child feel after surgery? Does she need medication for pain?
  • How long does it take for most people to recover from this operation?
  • Does my child need any kind of rehabilitation?
  • How long should we keep up with you after surgery?

An important point to remember is that your insurance company may have specific requirements regarding elective surgery. They can only replace the procedures performed by “in network” provider or they may require you to get a second opinion. You will want to know whether or not they cover the entire cost of surgery, hospitalization, the prescription, and other related costs.

That’s a good idea to call your insurance provider to check these things when you are in early stages of planning elective surgery.(copies of kidshealth.org)

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